David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 4/9/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • a unique study exploring the value (or lack thereof) of learning styles
  • an example of VR used for learning and understanding
  • examples of how A.I. is redefining life, work, and learning.
  • a curated list of TED talks exploring learning transfer
  • how Marketing uses personas to reach its audience
  • a somewhat disturbing view into a learning program that prepares teachers for school shootings

“Another nail in the coffin for learning styles” – students did not benefit from studying according to their supposed learning style by Christian Jarrett
The interest in tailoring instruction to an individual’s preferred style of learning continues despite there being no evidence to support the practice. While there have been a number of studies exploring teaching to someone’s preferred learning style (and finding no benefit to doing so), this study looks at it from the student perspective, analyzing the benefits of studying outside the class environment using a preferred learning style. The results are no surprising – it provides further evidence that there is not benefit to this common myth – but the unique perspective of the study makes it a worthy read.

PwC unveils new virtual reality experience to help organizations navigate disruption via PwC
There are many ways that virtual reality can be used for learning. However, the real value in VR learning is in unique use cases where VR is providing a solution that could not be solved in any other way. This post explores one such use case, with VR being used to transport people into the future to explore how near-term disruptions are changing our world.

AI-powered ambient computing is just getting started by Gary Grossman
There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and how it’s going to change our lives. However, much of that talk is conceptual and when you ask “how”, the answers become much less defined. This post does an excellent job of addressing that gap, as it provides a number of examples of how A.I. and ambient computing will fundamentally change the ways we live, work, and learn.

5 TED Talks on Learning Transfer Everyone Should Watch by Jess Sayer
I’ve always enjoyed TED talks as a source of inspiration and Learning. It’s therefore no surprise that I appreciate curated lists of TED talks that support a larger narrative. That’s what this post does, collecting a handful of talks together that collectively explore the concept of learning transfer.

An Alternative Approach to Developing Content Marketing Personas by Robert Rose
Personas are a powerful tool used to identify an audience. By creating a semi-fictional representation of who your target audience is, you can use that knowledge to better develop content to reach that person. The use of personas can be very powerful in learning, but their use in our space is limited. One way to learn more about personas is to examine the work done in other fields, and no field has leveraged personas more than Marketing, as this post examines.

Bleak New Game Trains Teachers How to Survive School Shootings by Sidney Fussell
This is a fascinating example of how training can be used to prepare you for a crisis. At the same time, it’s a terrifying example of “this is the world we live in now” based on the fact that this addresses a real need. It poses interesting questions such as: Is it appropriate? Is it effective? I’m curious what you think.
NOTE: The article includes a video of the simulation which may be upsetting to some viewers.

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