David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 3/26/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • A look at the challenges in defining microlearning
  • important questions to consider when creating VR content
  • Great tips on being more productive
  • A look into the present and future of social VR
  • research on some of the most common myths in our industry
  • a way to join the Learning Solutions Conference conversation this week, even if you’re not attending

Diagramming Microlearning by Clark Quinn
Microlearning is arguably the hottest buzzword in our industry right now. I hate buzzwords, simply because I define a buzzword as “a term whose usage is spreading faster than it’s understanding”. Microlearning is a term that is defined in an increasing variety of ways, which essentially means it’s unique value as a defining term is being diminished. I often find that when it’s difficult to define what something is, it can be easier helpful (and easier) to start by defining what it’s NOT. In many ways that’s what this post does, and in the process, it identifies some of the misinformation about microlearning.

3 Rules for Creating Primo Virtual Reality by Jeremy Bailenson
Virtual reality is rapidly growing as a medium in both consumer and enterprise arenas. As the interest and accessibility of VR for training grows, more and more orgainzations will be looking at developing VR-based solutions – a new frontier for most orgainzations. This post explores three critical questions that must be explored before making the jump to VR. For L&D professionals, the first question – does this need to be in VR? – may be the most critical.

Micro-Progess and the Magic of Just Getting Started by Tim Herrera
There are all sorts of gimmicks and tricks related to productivity. Many of them are over-engineered. Sometimes the best way to be productive is to simplify. This post explores the concept of micro-progress and how adopting a mindset with this in mind can supercharge your productivity.

facebook’s Bizarre VR App is Exactly Why Zuck Bought Oculus by Peter Rubin
Virtual Reality is often perceived as a solitary experience. After all, you are putting on a helmet that literally blocks out the real world. There are some great examples of group VR experiences connecting with others both inside and outside of VR, but none are probably as personal as facebook spaces, the new application from facebook. This post explores the new application and what it means for the emerging space of social VR.

Interested in exploring facebook spaces in greater detail? Join the facebook Spaces for Learning group on facebook.

Mythical Beasts by Steve Wheeler
There are a number of myths that foster poor practices in learning and education. Steve Wheeler recently polled people on Twitter about which myth was the most damaging. This post explores the results of that poll, but more importantly, links to the research that explains why each of the concepts explored is actually a myth.

The Learning Solutions Conference Backchannel
This week one of the leading conferences in the world of learning is taking place in Orlando: The Learning Solutions Conference and Expo. You can follow along with what’s being learned at the conference on Twitter by following the hashtag #LSCon, and be sure to bookmark this site for the growing list of resources that are extending and enhancing the learning via the conference backchannel.

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