David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 10/09/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • 10 ways to work smarter
  • narration script tips
  • AR apps you should check out
  • a study on the effectiveness of games for learning
  • Why Apple and Googles different approaches to AR matters
  • how facebook could pop the filter bubble

Here’s the content for this week:

10 Working Smarter Hacks You Can Use Right Now by Connie Malamed
We’re all looking for ways to increase our productivity. While “work harder” is often the way people approach this, working smarter can actually provide greater benefits. This post explores 10 tips you can apply to your work right away to start working smarter.

Narration Script Tips and Tricks for Instructional Designers by Kim Handysides
People often overlook the importance of narration in elearning. Used well, it can truly enhance the effectiveness of a learning asset. Nut poor narration can make the experience less effective than no narration at all. This post shares a few tips that you can use in your scripts to make the narration in your learning programs more effective.

6 awesome augmented reality apps making waves in the market by Pratik Dholakiya
With both Apple and Google pushing AR in their latest smartphones, it’s expected that AR will make huge jumps in mainstream acceptance in the next year. Learning professionals need to understand this growing trend and explore what possibilities it opens up for learning and performance. One of the best ways to do that is to explore the applications for yourself. This post shares 6 such apps that can help you explore the growing world of augmented reality. 

This Study Says Video Games Might Make People Better Learners by Casey Mendoza & Gabrielle Ware
Research continues to emerge about the effective use of games for learning. This article references a new study that used MRI scans to measure brain activity related to learning while people are engaged in games. The article includes a link to the actual study if you’re interested in digging into the data.

ARkit vs. ARCore: The Continuation of Apps vs. Web by Mike Boland
As mobile platforms (and the mobile web) mature, the debate between using native apps or web content has grown. That debate gains new fuel as augmented reality emerges. This article explores that debate, and the two very different paths Apple and Google are using related to their approach to AR.

The Social Experiment Facebook Should Run by Asha Rangappa
Today’s internet sites are in the business of personalization. The more they can tailor a web experience to your personal interests, the more likely you are to engage with their site. But in recent years we’ve seen a darker flip side to that equation, something Eli Pariser refers to as the filter bubble, that limits our ability to hear and learn from things that don’t match our current interests and views. This article suggests an experiment sites like facebook could consider to alleviate this growing concern – an experiment that has many lessons for learning.

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