Reflections on #mLearnCon: Mira Mendlovitz

Today we welcome Mira Mendlovitz, Learning Development Consultant at W.W. Grainger, Inc. as a Guest Writer to TWIST to share her thoughts on the recent mLearnCon Conference and Expo.

Mendlovitz_MiraAt mLearnCon, I learned that The eLearning Guild is full of people who are willing to help. I came to the conference with a problem – how do I take my PDF content and create it in a way where people can make edits right in our mobile app.  From my internal client perspective, this seems like it should be an easy request.  From the world of technology, not so much.

After talking to a few people about this problem, I found that lots of people had lots of ideas and were willing to collaborate to find a solution that might work.  I found it very compelling how all kinds of people had ideas for me on how to do this and others were willing to make adjustments to our existing tools to help make this possible.

Attending events like mLearnCon shows me how important community is in being able to serve my internal clients.  I am a developer who “does” technology on the side, so I count on surrounding myself with talented, knowledgeable vendors to help make me look good.

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