David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 7/6/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The Learning Guild

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this week’s resources continue to have the dual focus of providing resources that can help us navigate this troubling time, while also giving us new ways to expand the view we have on the work we do as L&D professionals.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • Guidelines on how to curate open-access media
  • how online learning should be different than face-to-face
  • How TikTok plans to lean into its use for education and learning
  • Resources shared by Google to assist those shifting to online education
  • Alternatives to Bloom’s Taxonomy

Discover—But Don’t Misuse—the Wealth of Open-Access Media by Pam Hogle
As organizations continue to seek new ways to support a remote workforce, curation is once again surfacing as a valuable tool. This post by Pam Hogle does a great job of helping understand what you can and can’t do when it comes to sharing other people’s information online.

9 Ways Online Teaching Should be Different from Face-to-Face by Jennifer Gonzalez
Many organizations have been forced to lean on online education and training in ways they have not in the past. This post by Jennifer Gonzalez looks at a number of ways online learning needs to be different than face-to-face education. While the post is written with academic environments in mind, the lessons are easily transferable to any environment in which online learning is in use.

‘A shift towards maturity’: Why TikTok is investing $15m in short-form educational content in Europe by Seb Joseph
TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media services across the globe. Users have increasingly used the application to create learning-focused content using the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok, and the company has taken notice. This post by Seb Joseph examines the strategic investment TikTok is making to enhance its reputation as a platform for learning.

Teach From Home by Google
The COVID-19 crisis has severely disrupted the worlds of education and training, not only for educators and the organizations they work for, but for millions of families that suddenly found themselves with a lot more home-schooling requirements than they ever expected. This page from Google provides a number of great resources (including training) that can help educators and families adapt to this period of emergency remote teaching.

Alternatives to Bloom’s Taxonomy for Workplace Learning by Connie Malamed
Bloom’s Taxonomy is well known in L&D. This post by Connie Malamed examines some of its criticisms and presents a few alternatives you may consider as part of your practice.

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