#GuildChat for 06/05/20: Your Professional Development TODAY

#GuildChat returns this Friday, June 5 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is Professional Development.

Our skill development is critical to longterm success but the COVID crisis has disrupted our personal and professional lives. Many today are working remotely when they never had previously and organizations, concerned about cashflow, are halting what is deemed unnecessary expenses.

Join us this week in #GuildChat as we explore what we’ve lost and how we are finding new paths and opportunities to hone our skills in this unique situation. Be prepared to share your own ideas and approaches, tools and favorite sources and learn from what your peers are doing to stay on top of the learning profession.

Prospective questions:

Q1 What do you look for in a professional development experience today (working from home, irregular hours, etc)? #GuildChat

Q2 Have you explored options for PD that you didn’t prior to the COVID situation? Which? #GuildChat

Q3 What has been the focus of your own professional development today v. even 4 months ago? #GuildChat

Q4 What are some professional development design constants – techniques or approaches you’ve found work well in calm times as well as stressed ones? #GuildChat

Q5 What makes professional development easier to fit into your own life? #GuildChat

Q6 When you’re developing professional development for a stressed audience, what are some things you can do to help it land well and be seen as useful to them? #GuildChat

Q7 How can you know when it’s time to push back at a stakeholder or client when they want us to create professional development but we think now isn’t the right time for it? #GuildChat

Q8 What kinds of professional development have you been seeing people want more of? How about less of? #GuildChat

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