#GuildChat for 03/20/20: Self-Directed Learning

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, March 20th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. This week’s chat is on Self-Directed Learning.

In 2003, Jay Cross statedMany learners today are not self-directed—they are waiting for directions. It’s time to tell them that the rules have changed. It’s in their self-interest to become proactive learning opportunists.


It’s been 17 years since his statement. Much has changed since then, the least of which is the growth of the social web. But what exactly is self-directed learning? How does it appear inside organizations today and how can L&D best support it?  Additionally, as learning professionals are learners themselves, what are the methods, tools, and resources they are employing to learn away from formal, instructional content?

Join us as we explore the state of self-directed learning today, how it’s best supported and the role it plays in organizations.


Questions Likely Coming Soon!






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