#GuildChat for 03/13/20: Learning and Play

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, March 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. This week’s chat is on Learning and Play.

Play can have a lot of meaning when it comes to learning. As kids, we often used play and experimentation to figure out the world around us. As adults in L&D, many times our “play” is with new tools, technologies, and approaches to try them out and see how they might fit into our work. Sometimes that play is more formalized through leveraging serious games, simulations, and gamification techniques in our projects and strategies. And let’s not forget the play we do to let off steam – to refresh our minds and give us a sometimes needed escape.


In this week’s #GuildChat we’ll look at how all these angles on play connect to how we learn at work and in our personal lives.

Join us for the chat on Twitter and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #GuildChat to see everything that’s shared.

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