David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 3/16/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, this week’s resources focus on how we can all do our part to help each other in this time of need, both as learning professionals and as members of the global human community. Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

    • How we can all do our part to combat COVID-19
    • The challenges the education system will have as it moves increasingly virtual
    • A visual look at the history of human pandemics
    • Tips on how to set up your work-at-home environment
    • Leadership tips for times of crisis
    • Technology and human connection tips for working at home

COVID-19 Update; 3/14/2020. A Message From Concerned Physicians by Howard Luks MD
I share this post by Howard Luks MD because we all need to be focusing on doing our part during this time of crisis. I also share it because it focuses on facts, not fear, and provides a specific course of action based on the advice of medical professionals. 

Coronavirus Is Shutting Schools. Is America Ready for Virtual Learning? by Dana Goldstein
Schools all around the globe are expected to be closed for at least the next few weeks, shifting many of them towards supporting learning via online tools for the first time. This post by Dana Goldstein looks at the challenges many of them will face. It’s a must-read to understand the challenge our education system faces, as well as a good reminder for existing virtual instructors to take heed of.

Visualizing the History of Pandemics by Nicholas LePan
I often share examples of how visuals can be used to help educate and train. This post by Nicholas LePan features an infographic that puts the history of pandemics in human history into good context by comparing them to one another.

9 Tips To Be Productive When Working At Home During COVID-19 by Bryan Robinson
Millions of people will be working from home for the first time this week. Those who have worked from home in the past know that doing so comes with unique challenges. This post by Bryan Robinson provides a number of good tips to keep in mind for those new to working from home.

How to lead in times of crisis by Meredith Parfet & Aaron Solomon
The fundamentals that make up good leadership – such as  Open and timely communication – are more important than ever in a time of crisis. This post by Meredith Parfet & Aaron Solomon explores a number of important tips for leaders at every level as we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You by Yuki Noguchi
Another post sharing tips for working from home. This post by Yuki Noguchi focuses on tips about the technologies that enable working from home, as well as overcoming the personal and human challenges of not working from an office. 

Stay Home, Stay Connected

Even in this unprecedented time of crisis, our learning is important. The eLearning Guild is fully committed to continuing to be a source of community, connection, and learning during the challenging weeks ahead.

We will be increasing the frequency of our online conferences and events, many of which will be available free to our members (Membership is also free).

Our guiding principle at the Guild is “Together We Are Better”. It shapes every decision we make and has arguably never been more important than the moment we are in right now.

We’re all going to be home a lot more than usual over the next few weeks, and our team is focused on creating new resources to solve the problems we’re going to need to deal with in the short-term, while we look forward to continuing to support the professional development needs our profession will need in the long-term.

If you have any thoughts on how we can better serve the community during this difficult time, please feel free to send me an email with your thoughts.

Be well, be healthy, and wash your hands.

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