#GuildChat for 02/07/20: Tech Predictions from Sci-Fi

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, February 7th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. This week’s chat is on Tech Predictions from Sci-Fi.

Science fiction constantly speculates about where technology may go in the future. Some of these predictions have actually managed to become real things in our daily lives – think smart phones or video conferencing. Others, though, proved to be a bit more out of reach than sci-fi expected (we’re looking at you flying cars!).


In this week’s #GuildChat, we’ll chat about how sci-fi has and hasn’t shaped the world of tech around us today as well as our expectations for the future. We’ll also look specifically at the genre’s speculations about what learning could look like in the future, as well as how future tech could play a part in it. Maybe The Matrix was a bit out there with downloading knowledge directly to our brains… or maybe it wasn’t!


Potential Questions

Q1 What have been some of your favorite science fiction films, shows, games, comics, and more? What about these titles drew you to them?
Q2 What tech that we have today do you feel sci-fi from the past did a good job in predicting?
Q3 What tech innovations from sci-fi are you most disappointed we don’t have today?
Q4 Sci-fi ideas can also really miss the mark. What are some examples of tech from this genre that either wouldn’t actually be usable in the real world as envisioned or seems silly or outdated by today’s standards?
Q5 What are some examples of sci-fi technology that you think could be used in interesting ways for learning?
Q6 Thinking about the next 10 years, what are some tech ideas that we see in sci-fi that you think could plausibly make their way into the real world or become more mainstream than they are today?
Q7 Like sci-fi, sometimes a learning solution can appear to be far-fetched to a stakeholder. What can you do or say to help them see the potential reality?
Q8 What’s a small or silly piece of tech from sci-fi that wouldn’t make a huge difference in the world but you still wish you could have now anyway.


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