#GuildChat for 10/04/19: Workflow Learning

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, October 4th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. This week’s chat is on Workflow Learning.

The reality is that the closer to the task a learning solution is, the greater impact it can have. Before the advent of Inter and Intranets performance support and OtJ training were common ways to support learning and doing. Today, driven by the continual need to reduce friction on the flow of work, organizations are looking closer at Workflow learning solutions. But what exactly is workflow learning and how effective can it be?


Join us this week as we explore together the newest in a long line of efforts to bring learning and doing closer together for the benefit of the business and the individual.


Prospective questions

Q1 How do you define Workflow learning? What does it look like?
Q2 “Performance support” used to be the more popular term, but now we seem to be moving towards “workflow learning”. Why do you think that change has happened?
Q3 What is the role of a learning professional in Workflow learning? How about the individual employee’s responsibility?
Q4 Where do you currently see L&D struggling with workflow learning? What could we be doing differently?
Q5 If you’re used to designing more traditional eLearning experiences, what do you need to think about differently when creating support in the workflow?
Q6 What are some good ways to weave more traditional learning experiences in with workflow learning to lead to better outcomes?
Q7 What are some technologies being used today for workflow learning support?
Q8 What do you see as probable technologies in the future for workflow learning? Why?


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