David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 9/2/19

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • a look at how retrieval practice can be used in organizational learning
  • how artificial intelligence is powering personalization in healthcare
  • tips on how to separate hype from substance when it comes to buzzwords
  • Steps for creating a data-driven learning strategy
  • How augmented reality may change the future of driving
  • Proven practices to apply to your next video project

The Power of Retrieval Practice For Learning by Connie Malamed
This post does a great job of explaining the value of retrieval practice. More importantly there are also examples that put retrieval practice into the context of organizational learning.

Using AI to predict breast cancer and personalize care by Adam Conner-Simons and Rachel Gordon
There’s a great deal of buzz around how artificial intelligence will power the personalization of learning. But what does personalization really mean in practice? Perhaps L&D would do well to look to how the medical field is using AI to personalize medical care. This post examines one such example.

Blinded by the buzzword! by Clark Quinn
I’ve never been a fan of buzzwords. I personally define a buzzword as a term whose usage has spread faster than its understanding. This post looks at a few ways to examine the value of buzzwords in your work.

7 Steps to Establish Your Data-driven Learning Strategy by Steve Foreman
Data is an important and growing topic in L&D. It’s also a VERY generic term. How do you define data in the context of your organization, and how do you build a strategy around it?  This post answers these questions and provides a detailed step-by-step plan for how to build your own data-driven strategy.

Are You Ready for Augmented Reality in your Car? by Bernard Marr
 If you want to understand how technology is going to change the ways we learn, understand how technology is changing how we live. One of the best ways to predict the learning use cases of a technology is to follow how the technology is being used on the consumer level. This post looks at how augmented reality is going to change one of the most ubiquitous tasks in our daily lives: driving.

5 Best Practices of creating an eLearning Video by Naveen Neelakandan
I don’t like to use the term best practices; I prefer the more contextual term proven practices, and it’s in that spirit that I share this post. Video is an increasingly common format for learning programs, and this post examines a number of great guidelines to apply in your video-based projects. 

The eLearning Guild’s Articulate User Conference is Back!

Last year hundreds of Articulate 360 and Storyline users gathered in Las Vegas for the eLearning Guild’s first Articulate User Conference. This fall the event returns to Las Vegas as a co-located event with DevLearn 2019.

This year’s conference has been expanded to include even more breakout sessions led by experts from the E-Learning Heroes community and the Articulate Community Team. The event will feature four unique tracks, providing a wide variety of content perfect for both newbies and seasoned pros.

  • Articulate 360 Foundations: Sessions focused on getting more out of the core functionality of Rise 360, Storyline 360, and other Articulate 360 apps.
  • Improving Course Design: Improve the quality and engagement of your eLearning courses with the techniques shared in these sessions.
  • Development Strategies & Tips: Expand your skills with sessions focused on advanced development tips and techniques.
  • Building Beyond the Course: Learning is increasingly expanding beyond the course. Explore how Storyline 360 and other Articulate 360 apps can be used to create valuable non-course-based eLearning resources and tools.

More sessions and surprises, including another sneak peek at new and upcoming enhancements to Articulate apps, will make this year’s eLearning Guild Articulate User Conference an event you won’t want to miss!

Make your plans to be a part of The eLearning Guild’s Articulate User Conference today!

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