I Can’t Miss Learning Solutions – Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes is a Learning Solutions session speaker and a Guild Ambassador. As well, he’s come to Learning Solutions nearly 10 times now – that’s some commitment! In this guest post he shares why he keeps coming back to this event, year after year.

Learning Solutions is always one of my favorite conferences to attend each year. I’ve been coming for probably close to 10 years now, and every time I go, I’m reminded of what a great experience it is — for both seasoned professionals and new attendees. Us multi-year conference vets can give some great insider tips on where to go and who to see, fun interactive activities like Demofest, recertification opportunities, and some of the best exhibitor booths to check out (Pssst…I’m exhibiting! Come say hi!).

Being around a group of likeminded people helps encourage me and renew my commitment to learning and training. I love seeing the energetic, passionate newbies collaborate and learn from Learning Solutions’ repeat conference-goers. It’s inspiring to watch two very different groups with one major interest come together and work with each other to improve their Learning & Development goals.

eLearning professionals like myself, who have been attending the Learning Solutions conference for many years, are usually able to give some great “insider tips” on the best sessions to attend each year. I know it can be overwhelmingly exciting, so sometimes it’s harder for the new participants to know exactly what sessions or booths to attend — that’s why I’m glad I’ve been here for so long and am able to point them toward some of my favorite activities!

Speaking of favorites, Demofest is always one of the most interesting parts of the Learning Solutions conference. It’s so much fun seeing the best industry projects and voting on which one I like best. These projects are not only inspiring, but encourage and motivate me to do better in my own training and learning design efforts at work.

Demofest is only one of the great interactive activities you’ll encounter. Personally, I can’t get enough of them, as they let me collaborate and work with old friends and new colleagues. I would encourage all new conference attendees to check out as many of the interactive workshops as you can. Don’t forget to look for recertification opportunities while you’re here! Earn some of those credits you need in a fun way at one of the biggest Learning & Development conferences out there, alongside an interesting group of industry professionals.

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