David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 8/13/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • the value of deliberate practice
  • how VR is helping us understand fear
  • Principles of UX design to incorporate into your elearning
  • why your MBTI type really doesn’t matter
  • A great “Share Your Work” example exploring xAPI
  • A humorous look at a user’s experience with elearning

(Deliberate) practice makes perfect: how to become an expert in anything by Aytekin Tank
Practice is something that is critical to developing competence. At the same time, “practice” may not be a specific enough term for skill development. Practice helps you improve upon an existing skill, which is different than practice for building upon that skill. Building new skills requires intentional, deliberate practice. As you read this post, think not only about the practice opportunities you build into learning programs but on the practice opportunities you create for yourself.

The fearful eye by Bruce Goldman
As learning and development professionals, we tend to look at virtual reality as a tool we can use to build experiences from which people can learn or develop a new skill. Sometimes the lens through which we view the world can become blinders, preventing us from seeing beyond that perspective. This post is a good example of VR being used in the context of learning but from a unique perspective. In this post, VR isn’t being used to teach the person in VR at all; it’s used to put the VR participant into a frightening environment so that we can better understanding what’s happening in the brain when someone experiences fear. It’s a fascinating look into research being done at Stanford.

7 UX Principles for Creating a Great Website by Ben Pines
The design of elearning should be inspired by a multitude of resources. One great resource to pull from to inspire and improve your design skills is the UX design community for the web. This post explores 7 principles to follow when creating a website. These principles are easily transferable to your elearning.

Have we all been duped by the Myers-Briggs test? by Roman Krznaric
I recently heard of a friend who was asked about her MBTI type during a job interview. While many others were shocked by this news, I was not. Saddened? Sure. But MBTI is a product of marketing, not a product of science, and that’s the primary reason why interest in personality tests like continue to be of interest. If you’re interested in exploring the criticisms MBTI and why they can actually hinder individuals and workplaces, this post provides some great points.

Here’s How I Created This Scenario Based xAPI Workshop by Melissa Milloway
There’s just something special about someone narrating their own work. There are so many powerful learning elements in sharing your work – for the person sharing and for those it is shared with – that when I see it done well I feel a visceral excitement. This is one of those posts. Not only does it provide a great example of how we can share our work, but it explores a topic that needs more examples like this: tactical usage of the Experience API.

Sponsored by USA YouTube Video by PewDiePie
This is a video of a YouTube User narrating his experience taking a security course. I share this video for 2 reasons. First, it’s genuinely funny. Second, and more importantly, underlying the humor are some valid observations to take away from the video. Notice the criticisms the player is throwing at the experience, many of which are valid despite the humorous narrative. Note: There is some language and humor that some may find offensive.

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