David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 7/9/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

      • the importance of gender equality in your design
      • tips on how to effectively seek technical support
      • ways to repurpose your existing content
      • a curated list of L&D podcasts
      • important tips for your next learning platforms implementation
      • Examples of how stories can bring dry content to life

Gender equality and the design dilemma by Clive Shepherd
I love this post. It’s not just that it talks about gender equality in our designs, which I support; it’s more about how it talks about it. It acknowledges the real challenges that exist for the learning designer in building content that resonates with the target audience. More importantly, it perfectly expresses the need to have our designs lean in the direction of long-term progress.

10 Tips for Better Troubleshooting & Technical Support by Tom Kuhlmann
One of the challenges that elearning developers and designers run into that there’s little training for is how to deal with technical roadblocks. We’re fortunate enough to work in a field where there are plenty of communities and individuals that are willing to help. That said, your ability to get help from your peers is directly impacted by how well you communicate and explain your problem. This post provides a number of great tips on how you can better position your technical support requests.

20+ Ways to Repurpose Your Content via Thrivehive
Doing more with less isn’t just about using free or low-cost tools and resources; it’s also about getting the most out of the content you’re creating. Too often we create content with a single use in mind, forgetting that content itself is often somewhat neutral, able to be repurposed into a number of formats and platforms. This post, while not L&D-specific, highlights examples of how a single piece of content can be repurposed for many uses.

L&D Podcast Guide curated by Sam Rogers
Podcasts are a great resource for learning. There are a growing number of podcasts focused on the learning and development field that worth considering adding to your playlist. This Google Spreadsheet curates a growing list of L&D-focused podcasts.

3 Tips to Ensure Your LMS Implementation Goes Smoothly by Debbie Williams
I remember speaking with a peer at a conference years ago who had just successfully launched a new LMS in his organization. When I asked what was key to the implementation going so smoothly, he instantly replied “Learning from all the mistakes we made with the first two implementations”. That’s a common theme I hear with learning platform implementations – being burned by what we don’t know. It’s important to go into any new platform implementation armed with as much knowledge and planning as you can. This post shares three important tips to help with your next LMS or learning platform implementation.

Story-Based Learning: How Good Storytelling In eLearning Can Engage Learners In A Meaningful Way by Suresh Kumar
The content we use to build elearning can often be very dry, especially when the content is coming from subject matter experts. Stories can be a great way to bring content to life and make the content more real and actionable. This post explores the power of storytelling and includes a couple of examples of how stories can be used to bring your content to life.

New Co-Located Event at DevLearn 2018!

We’re pleased to announce the Microlearning Design Summit, a co-located event taking place with DevLearn in Las Vegas this fall. This first-of-its-kind event features discussion with today’s leading voices on Microlearning that will help separate fact from fiction, and help you build the skills you need to harness the potential of microlearning for your organization.

At the Microlearning Design Summit, you’ll go beyond the buzz to discover the core value of microlearning and collaborate with others in building real microlearning resources that you can apply to your own projects.

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