David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 7/23/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

      • reflections on what bike-sharing apps teach us about mobile design
      • tips on how to take control of your own learning
      • exploring the elements of learning experience design
      • how learning technologies are different from education/training technologies
      • tips on how to motivate people to take required training
      • five ways your user interface may be frustrating your participants

What Can Bike Sharing Apps Teach Us About Mobile On-boarding Design? by Luke Wroblewski
I love and share this post for a few reasons. The first is the most direct – it’s a great read that shares a lot of lessons about how we design mobile experiences. The second reason is that it’s a wonderful example of the power or reflection for learning. Last, but certainly not least, it shows that learning is around us everywhere if we’re open to seeing it.

Take Control of Your Learning at Work by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
I’ve learned a lot of tough lessons in my career, but probably the toughest was the day I realized I was not in control of my own learning. My learning was being driven by the path I was on in my organization, not by my own curiosity or career goals. My discovery of this blind spot is why I’ve spent the last decade or so passionately promoting the need for individuals to take control of their own work-related learning. This post does a great job of emphasizing the importance, as well as providing four specific ways to put control of your learning into action.

Elements of Learning Experience Design by Andre Plaut
There are a number of different frameworks that designers use to build learning experiences. While you may have your favorite, I’ve always felt that looking at the different methods and frameworks that peers use helps me execute the work I do, and the choices I make in that work, with greater understanding and context. This post explores one designers approach to building learning experiences.

The future of enterprise learning technologies by Jane Hart
Learning technologies can be a bit misleading as a term. Most of the time I hear that phrase being used it’s in the context of describing educational or training technologies. There’s nothing wrong with education or training, nor the technologies that support those efforts. However, understanding the difference between education/training technologies and learning technologies is a key foundation upon which harnessing the future of organizational learning is built. This post does a great job of discussing the language we use, and explores one example of technology being used for learning within the context of work.

Motivating Your Employees to Learn Online: 4 Phases by Marijn de Geus
Let’s face it; chances are if you’re reading this blog then at some point in your work you will need to create and/or support a learning experience that the participants didn’t choose to participate in. Compliance training is the most obvious example of this. Getting participants motivated to take your training can be a challenge. Understanding the journey a resistant learner needs to take is an important factor in delivering successful solutions.

5 Problems Users Have With eLearning User Interfaces by Connie Malamed
User interfaces can be frustrating for a designer. Done well, users don’t eve notice them. They just work, making it easier for users to put an application to use. A pool designed interface, however, can torpedo your users’ experiences faster than almost anything else. It’s important to not only realize this reality, but to embrace it. This post explores a few common user interface mistakes common in elearning design.

New Co-Located Event at DevLearn 2018!

We’re pleased to announce the eLearning Guild’s Articulate User Conference, a co-located event taking place with DevLearn in Las Vegas this fall. This first-of-its-kind event features talks and workshops by Articulate’s expert community team and engineering leaders.

You’ll hear from Articulate Tom Kuhlmann, David Anderson, Trina Rimmer and more gurus from the eLearning Heroes Community. pros. Take your use of Articulate applications to all-new heights by joining us for the Guild’s first-ever Articulate User Conference!

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