David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 5/28/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

    • how long microlearning should be
    • how to live a creative life
    • how VR can help improve real-world performance
    • how reminders of failure can be helpful for learning
    • how to break free of a creative rut
    • how our brains react differently to AR

How long should microlearning be? by JD Dillon
At a recent conference, I stopped in a number of sessions were addressing microlearning. Many of them shared a common – and somewhat troubling in my opinion – theme. The “micro” focus is being defined by the duration of the content. It’s in this focus that we hear debates on the length for something to qualify as microlearning – a debate that honestly does little for the industry and the people we serve. This post shifts away from the focus on duration and more on the key value of microlearning: the solving of a problem in the moment. If your orgainzation is exploring microlearning, this is a good post to get you to see the idea’s core value.

Three Pieces of Advice for the Creative Life by Courtney E Martin
Creativity is too often thought of as a talemt or something someone is born with. While some parts of creativity may be biological, most creative people will tell you it’s also about dedication and hard work. This post explores three important aspects of being creative. I share it because of the tips being shared, and for the open and honest “real-life” portrait the author paints in describing balancing creativity with everyday life.

Does VR Have The Potential To Improve Athletic Performance? by Jemma VB
One of the key questions people are asking about VR is how expereinces in virtual reality translate into rthe real world. This post explores that question within one of the most performance-focused verticals in the world: Sports.

My Box of #Fails is a Box of Learning by Jonathan Rochelle
Failure is a natural part of learning, yet it’s also something we try to forget about after it happens. This brief post shares why the author keeps his failings nearby and present, and the value that it provides him in his work and learning.

10 Ways To Get Out Of A Blogging Slump by Edmark E Law
We’ve all had those times when we feel stuck in our work. Maybe you can’t get started or maybe it’s just that you’re slogging through the motions. Forget about the fact that this post is about Blogging. In reality, it’s a post that’s less about blogging and more about jolting yourself out of a creative rut – most of the tips can be applied to just about any scenario.

How augmented reality affects the brain by Heather Andrews
Augmented Reality is just starting to emerge in the consumer markets, but there is already huge interest in using AR for learning and performance. While the possibilities of these technologies are exciting and enticing, many orgainzations will be looking for proven practices and research that shows the benefits of AR before making the jump for themselves. This post explores one research study that explores how the brain reacts to different tasks being completed with and without AR support. The results are indeed interesting.

Win an Oculus Go!

facebook recently released the Oculus Go, the first standalone VR headset for consumer use. This watershed moment will help propel the usage of virtual reality – including the usage of VR for training and learning – even further.

We’re excited to explore this new technology at Realities360 and will be hosting a testing station in our Technology Showcase where you can try this amazing technology for yourself.

We’ve also secured two of these devices to be raffled off to Realities360 attendees! To be eligible to win, you just need to be registered for the conference by Friday, June 8. To gain an additional entry into the conference, follow @realities360 on Twitter and tweet about why you’re excited to #GoToRealities360 using the hashtag.

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