New at Learning Solutions 2018 – Mini Presentations

Bringing in new voices to conferences is incredibly important. It ensures we’re getting a wide range of perspectives at the event, helps the conference to continue to feel fresh, and enables more of the community to participate and share.

That said, when you’re someone who’s never spoken at a conference before, it’s not always easy to figure out what you want to share and how to get your proposal noticed – let alone prepare and give your first talk.

Learning Solutions 2018 Mini Presentations. New speakers. 3 minute talks. Community favorite tools and resources.To help make getting started with conference speaking easier, we’ve created a new kind of session that’s launching at Learning Solutions 2018: Mini Presentations. Specifically for new speakers who have never spoken at an eLearning Guild event before and those who have spoken once, but not in many years, Mini Presentations are a chance for people to try out conference speaking. These presentations are short – only 3 minutes long – and on a narrow theme that’s easy to build a talk around.

At Learning Solutions 2018, this theme is sharing a single tool, app, or online resource that you love and think could help others in their work.

When we first put out the Mini Presentation call for proposals, we were hoping to get enough submissions to fill one session. As it turns out, we got such great response that we had to add a second session so we could fit in everyone in who wanted to participate!

If you’re at Learning Solutions 2018 later this month and are interested in hearing about a wide range of handy tools, apps, and resources, I’d encourage you to come to one or both of these sessions to get some inspiration and support these speakers.

Session 912 – Tools, Apps, and Online Resources: Community Favorites—PART 1 Thursday, March 29 – 8:30-9:30am

  1. Comic Life: Dan’elle Watkins
  2. Poll Everywhere: Sarah Lewandowski
  3. Techsmith Camtasia: Renee Durrance
  4. Ishikawa Diagram: Cory Loria
  5. Kelley Miller
  6. Creating an Avatar in Articulate Storyline 360: Justin McDougall
  7. HP Reveal: JD Gonzales
  8. Google Cardboard Camera App: Shereene Harford Twum-Barimah
  9. Microsoft Sway: Bill Fisher
  10. Using xAPI Dashboard to Display Results of Retention Boosters: Phillip Littleton
  11. Pixeur: Laura Lowden
  12. Screencast-O-Matic: Barb Lesniak

Session 1002 – Tools, Apps, and Online Resources: Community Favorites—PART 2 Thursday, March 29 – 10:00-11:00am

  1. Google Analytics and Google Data Studio: Julia Oak
  2. Presenter Media: Kathie Howard
  3. Using PowerPoint to Create Videos: Nadine Monn
  4. Poll Everywhere: Rachelle Butts
  5. ScreenPresso: Michelle Hammond
  6. Zotero: Heather Pundt
  7. xAPI Inspector: David Keezel
  8. Canva: Justin Thurman
  9. The Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community: Hiba Ismeail
  10. TurningPoint Interactive Polling: Cindy-Ann Alexander
  11. Twitter: Tricia Ransom
  12. Creating a CMS Demo in Articulate Storyline 360: Luke Benfield


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