#GuildChat for 09/15/17: Building Your Non-L&D Professional Skills

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, September 15th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is on the Building Your Non-L&D Professional Skills.

Any career demands a core set of skills to be successful however there are additional skills to be had that support your professional growth outside of your work. Consider the ability to consult, speak in public, leading up, develop others, oversee projects, and collaborate to name a few.

Your approach to developing outside your industry skills may be strategic or just may happen due to interest like a hobby. What skills outside your field do you find critical as a learning professional? How are you developing these and what do you see on the horizon on those that will be most beneficial beyond those that directly impact your work.

Join us as we explore the Non-L&D skills need to be successful in L&D!


Prospective questions:

Q1. What non-L&D specific skills do you think are especially important for people in L&D to have strengths in? Why?
Q2. How can you figure out what general skills you personally should work on building?
Q3. What non-L&D skills are you personally concentrating on building right now? How are you doing that?
Q4. What business/professional skills do you think L&D on a whole has gaps in? What’s the impact?
Q5. What approaches do you use for building your “outside of L&D” skills?
Q6. Leading up is a common skill people want to build. What about it is so difficult?
Q7. Knowing what you know today, which skills not required for your role would you want added to the job description?


Missed this GuildChat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on our Storify of the chat!




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