David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 07/03/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • Why Apple’s next iPhone could be AR’s tipping point
  • A new source for interactive video inspiration – Netflix
  • How to make VR more accessible to those with disabilities
  • Examples to add peer-based learning to your work
  • An overview of the current state of AR and VR in L&D
  • 10 free resources every eLearning designer should bookmark

Here’s the content for this week:

Augmented reality could be the biggest reason to buy an iPhone 8 by Raymond Wong
AR has tremendous potential for workplace learning and performance, but the technology and availability of augmented reality hardware and software has been limited. That could all change with the upcoming release of Apple’s new iPhone. which as this article explains, could bring AR into the mainstream.

‘Choose your own adventure’ comes to Netflix with new interactive children’s shows by Christina Sanza
Video is becoming increasingly interactive. Examples of this interactivity continue to emerge in consumer video. This post explores one of the first entries in this area from Netflix. Even though this choose-your-own-adventure series is geared towards children, this concept can easily be applied towards workplace training and learning videos.

Making VR Accessible for People with Physical Disabilities by Caleb Kraft
Virtual reality is exploding in the consumer market, with the headsets and controllers creating amazingly immersive experiences – assuming you are able to use these types of hardware. But what if you have a disability that prohibits you from using VR technologies? This post explores a new technology that looks to address some of the accessibility issues surrounding VR.

The Power of Learning From Your Peers by Kellie Palmer
We know that we learn well from our peers, but putting that idea into practice  can be challenging in a world locked into teacher/student paradigm. This post explores a number of ways to integrate peer-based learning into your work.

VR and AR in eLearning: Ready for Prime Time? by Steve Haskin
The interest on AR and VR continues to rise, but how can you tell if these technologies are right for  your organization?   You can start by reading posts like this, which examines the landscape of a AR and VR, exploring the possibilities that exist in eLearning.

10 eLearning Freebies by Connie Malamed
Free tools are always valued in today’s budget-conscious world. This post highlights 10 great free tools that every eLearning designer and developer should add to their portfolio of resources.

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