David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 3/27/17

kelly_davidI read through a number of articles and blog posts each day, and every Monday I curate a few of my favorites for members of the eLearning Guild Community, and for the learning and performance field as a whole. Each shared resource includes a brief introduction explaining why I find the link to be of value and recommend you read it.

Here’s the content for this week:

Why the CIA uses board games to train its officers by Selena Larson
The use of games in learning and training applications continues to rise. This post explores some of the ways games are used in training in a seemingly unlikely place: The CIA.

How to Increase Your Stamina to Learn by Annie Murphy Paul
We have almost limitless resources available to us to foster our personal learning. What is often missing from the learning equation isn’t resources by stamina and motivation. This post explores that phenomenon, and provides tips for pushing ourselves to complete learning goals.

You Probably Believe Some Learning Myths: Take Our Quiz To Find Out by Anya Kamanetz
There are a number of prevalent myths pertaining to learning. This quiz explores some of the more common ones. More importantly, the post includes links that allow you to explore any one of the myths in greater detail.

Google Glass Didn’t Disappear. You Can Find It On The Factory Floor by Tasmin Shamma
When most people think about Google Glass these days, they do so with almost a chuckle. To many, Glass was a complete failure; a product that never gained mainstream acceptance, and quickly disappeared from public view. But Glass never fully disappeared, and it’s current use case is one that plays in our sweet spot: Workplace learning and performance.

Watch NASA’s Mars rocket tests in 360-degree video by Steve Dent
More and more orgainzations are starting to use 360 degree video for learning. This post highlights an example from NASA, showing the testing of a rocket engine from multiple angles.

Intel Unveils Project Alloy by Chip Shot
Virtual Reality isn’t just new technology, it’s also technology that continues to advance and evolve at a rapid pace. This post explores some recent advances from Intel which could lead to major changes to the early stages of VR’s evolvement.

What are you reading?

If you recently read an article, blog post, or other resource from someone else that you think we should consider sharing in a future Curated Industry Content post, please feel free to send a link to the resource to David Kelly along with a few sentences describing why you think the resource is valuable.

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