#GuildChat for 06/03/16: The Influence of Marketing on L&D

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, June 3 at 11AM PT/2PM ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is the influence of Marketing on L&D.


Marketing has taken on some new looks and activities in the past decade, mostly due to the changes we are seeing in technology, how we communicate and how we consume content. The traditional approaches of marketing are no longer effective just as traditional approaches to training are equally no longer accepted.

Today L&D is looking across the hall at the Marketing department for inspiration on how to connect with it’s audiences in the digital age from activities such as blogging, content curation, interactive video and the marketing campaign strategy. This week on GuildChat we look at was is being gleaned, what ideas transfer easily, and what the risks and rewards may be from leveraging the power of marketing in L&D.

Prospective questions:

Q1. How have you seen marketing effectively influence people?
Q2. Which Marketing practices are most widely being used in L&D? Why?
Q3. Should learning need to be marketed? Why or why not?
Q4. What’s the difference between Marketing and Advertising when it pertains to L&D?
Q5. What Marketing practices would you like to see more of used with L&D?
Q6. What marketing techniques have you used in your work?
Q7. What could “viral” mean when it comes to learning content?


The eLearning Guild has always looked to the community to form the conversations around learning and technology. We’ve taken it a step further however and created a rotating group of  voluntary #GuildChat Advisors! Each Advisor is selected for their unique perspectives and involvement in the the conversations around the learning industry. For a 6 month period they will help formulate the topics and questions for our weekly chat. Have an idea for #GuildChat? Reach out to @britz or any of the current advisors!


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