#GuildChat for 9/11/05: Agile Development

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, September 11 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is Agile Development.

Agile development is a recent incarnation. Widely used in modified forms in the software development field, for many it is seen as a more efficient and effective approach to development work by teams. But what exactly is it? What are the key elements of an agile approach and when is it the right approach and when might the traditional waterfall approach be best?2015-01-09_11-14-16

In this week’s #GuildChat we’ll explore Agile development and how organizational learning is and can use this methodology to improve both processes and products.  We are excited to be joined by Megan Torrance, CEO of TorranceLearning.  Megan brings business consulting and project management experience to her instructional design and development work and has creating a top-notch work environment based on trust, flexibility, compassion, and fun. Megan will be presenting at DevLearn this year with her workshop, Agile Project Management for eLearning.

Prospective Questions:

Q1. How is Agile received in your organization? #GuildChat

Q2. What are the biggest advantages/disadvantages to using Agile methodology? #GuildChat

Q3. Are there any parts of Agile that do/don’t seem to work particularly well for ID? #GuildChat

Q4. How do you “sell” the concept of Agile to stakeholders and clients? #GuildChat

Q5. What is the biggest hurdle to overcome when implementing Agile? #GuildChat

Q6. What techniques are you using to create user (learner) stories? #GuildChat

Q7. With a few minutes left, what questions do you have for Megan today? #GuildChat


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