DemoFest Expert Tips Series: Tim Slade

We all know that descriptions and summaries are good resources to learn about the value of an event but hearing from those who have “been there and done that” is priceless!  So we’ve reached out to some past DemoFest presenters to get the inside scoop on what it was like to be involved in DemoFest, how they prepared, and what tips they’d give others who are considering presenting.

So, if you are presenting or are interested in participating in DemoFest at DevLearn or maybe you’re just looking forward to attending and want to know what it must be like for the presenters, give a look and listen to those who have walked the talk at DemoFest and learn just a little bit more about this wildly popular event!

In this first in the series, Tim Slade, of Artisan eLearning, a past presenter at several DemoFests (winning at mLearnCon DemoFest 2015!) shares his key insights and take-aways.

Here’s Tim on:

His favorite thing about DemoFest.

A reminder to not make a sales pitch.

His #1 tip for presenting at DemoFest.

Tim talks about the attendees.

In our next installment we’ll hear from Ben Betts of HT2 on his experience and approaches to DemoFest. Keep an eye on this space!

If you’ve participated in DemoFest before and would like to share your own tips, please reach out to me via email.

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