Why I’m Looking Forward to #mLearnCon: Geoff Stead

The mLearnCon Conference & Expo takes place June 10 – 12 in Austin, Texas. There are a number of reasons why people look forward to mLearnCon each year. The “Why I’m Looking Forward to mLearnCon” series invites members of the Guild Community to share what it is that makes mLearnCon special and what they’re looking forward to exploring at this year’s event.

Stead_GeoffIn this post we welcome Geoff Stead, Senior Director of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm, as he shares why he’s excited to be coming to Austin this June.

mLearnCon is coming. Are you ready for it? I’m definitely ready, and looking forward to challenging what I think I know, and learning from my peers in related industries.

No matter how much I already know, I can be certain that there’s more to find out, and mLearnCon is one of those opportunities to catch up with other mLearning professionals from across the country, as well as discovering interesting new projects that we can take back and use for our employees at Qualcomm.

I’m particularly interested in the overlap between Mobile and Performance Support, so I’m liking the fact that the two events are co-located, and hoping to find good synergies between them.

If you are new to mobile learning, there are some fantastic vendors, and practitioners there eager to share what they know. Take the time to walk around. My favorite is always DemoFest where you get to see more of the smaller projects, and meet the real people behind them. Definitely make the time for DemoFest.

I’d also encourage you to check out BuzzwordBingo– a light hearted way to make sure you know enough about the BuzzWords that matter, and to see through the salespeople who don’t.

If you are looking for session suggestions, I’d definitely recommend seeing members of my own team present some of our work:

  • Thurs 4pm: Qualcomm’s Enterprise AppStore: Meet John Park and Anurag Jain, 2 of the wizards who built our award winning Employee AppStore 
  • Thurs 4pm (yes, the same time!): Compliance Training & xAPI: Meet Jon Brasted, another wizard, who can show you how we created our own, in-house mobile compliance toolkit using xAPI 

I’ll be presenting too. Catch me at one of:

  • Thurs 10:45: CHAMPIONSIntroducing a (new) free framework you can use to improve your mobile learning.
  • Friday 10:00: What’s new from Qualcomm: some insights into new apps we are building, and new tech we are experimenting with in our Mobile Learning lab.
  • Friday 11:15: Closing keynote: Together with the fabulous Allison, Dave, Frank & Megan. 

See you in Austin!

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