TWIST Conversation: How Mobile Technology is Changing the Future of Learning

Welcome to TWIST Conversations, where we chat with members of the Guild Community exploring current trends in learning, performance, and technology.

CaptureIn this episode of TWIST Conversations I chat with members of the mLearn Conference and Expo Advisory Board: Sarah Gilbert, Robert Gadd, Clark Quinn, and Chad Udell. In this live discussion, we explore why mobile technology is so important to the future of learning and performance support. We talk about what mlearning really is, how mobile technologies are changing learning, how mobile can be used to augment existing training programs, and more questions posed from the live audience.

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

We’ve been too focused on just courses as our only solution and what we’re seeing is that now we can recognize that there’s a broader way we can be supporting people in performance, and we can start with mobile. – Clark Quinn

How will [learning] change? Everything is about to change, in very dramatic and drastic ways/ -Chad Udell

Mobile isn’t and either/or opportunity with elearning; it’s an “all of the above” situation. – Robert Gadd

Technologies like [Google] Glass remind us of the importance of context in training. – Sarah Gilbert

To learn more about how mobile technologies are changing the future of learning and performance support, join us at this year’s mLearn Conference and Expo, June 24 – 26 in San Diego.

If you have a speaker or topic that you would like to see featured in a future episode of TWIST Conversations, please let me know.

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