TWIST Conversations: Jim Ferolo and Chad Udell on UI and UX

Welcome to TWIST Conversations, where we chat with a member of the Guild Community exploring current trends in learning, performance, and technology.


In this episode of TWIST Conversations I chat with Jim Ferolo and Chad Udell of Float Mobile Learning. We talk about the differences between User Interface and User Experience, the differences between desktop and mobile design, and User Interface Design Patterns. Here are a few highl
ights from the conversation:

User interface is how the project looks; User experience is how it feels. – Chad Udell

Your user experience is dictated not just by your input, but by all the data that’s pouring into the application. – Jim Ferolo

[Design patterns are] the most misunderstood idea in the UI/UX world because [people] think it’s just the application of templates. – Jim Ferolo


To learn more about how how to design user interfaces and user experiences for a mobile device, be sure to check out Jim and Chad’s pre-conference workshop at this year’s mLearnCon Conference and Expo.

If you have a speaker or topic that you would like to see featured in a future episode of TWIST Conversations, please let me know.

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