#GuildChat for 10/30/20: Learning from Story

#GuildChat returns to Twitter this Friday, October 30th starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is Learning from Story.

I had the pleasure this week of hosting a few sessions with Hadiya Nuriddin. She has a lot of knowledge and expertise in using stories in learning solutions. Her sessions and our sidebar chit-chat inspired me to bring this to the community this week. Story is a powerful way to learn and it can come in formal approaches like scenario-based learning or can be less or more informal in the sharing of expertise in video or just in conversation.

This week we revisit how a story can be used, when it should be used, and some of the considerations that warrant a bit of attention as you leverage story and storytelling for organizational learning

Prospective questions:

Q1. What do you need in a story to learn from it? #GuildChat

Q2. What are some things to consider when using story in a designed learning solution? #GuildChat

Q3. How do you help a resistant/reluctant stakeholder that use of story would be the better option? #GuildChat

Q4. How do you help draw stories out from others (i.e. SMEs)? #GuildChat

Q5. How can we help organizational leaders tell better stories? #GuildChat

Q6. What holds people back from storytelling and how do we overcome this? #GuildChat

Q7. How can technology be useful to improve a story? #GuildChat

Q8. What stories do you tell yourself to stay motivated or overcome a barrier at work? #GuildChat

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