#GuildChat for 10/16/20: Maximizing Online Learning Experiences

#GuildChat returns to Twitter this Friday, October 16th starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is Maximizing Online Learning Experiences.

Whether you’re designing or attending an online learning experience, there have been plenty to learn from this year and the numbers continue to grow. As more are produced we “learners” are becoming savvier on which to select, the formats that work best, and the ways to effectively learn from these events. Likewise, as Designers, we too are learning from the audience and using the new knowledge to build a better experience.

Join us this week as we look at online learning experiences from two perspectives, what works for learners and what works for designers and developers in order to help them maximize the experience. Join us and share your insights, observations, and of course, your experiences.

Prospective questions coming soon!

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