#GuildChat for 09/18/20: Learning and Learning Tech Trends

#GuildChat returns to Twitter this Friday, September 18th starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is on Learning & Learning Technology Trends.

Be they hype or reality, in the end, trends are something we watch for to get ahead of the wave or avoid a waste of time and money. As COVID descended upon the globe it not only disrupted life today, it also altered the direction of many trends in L&D and introduced us to new ones. Making sense of where we are headed in L&D and the technology and approaches that are emerging is critical for success but separating fad from fantastic is no easy task.

Join us this week to explore the trends in L&D, where they are and why, as well as how we can best determine what is truly emerging and what is not quite ready for prime time.

Prospective questions:

Q1 What (or who?) tells you that a new technology/strategy/approach is becoming spoken about enough that it’s worth looking into? #GuildChat

Q2 As you check out a new trend do you find yourself more of a trend skeptic or do you want to believe? (Basically, is your default setting Scully or Mulder?) #GuildChat

Q3 Have you ever been an early adopter of either something that became a hit or a miss? Share your experience. #GuildChat

Q4 Did the COVID moment stop any trends or start new ones? Explain. #GuildChat

Q5 We can’t know everything about everything. What kind of L&D trends do you find yourself most drawn to diving deep into? #GuildChat

Q6 If a trendy technology is too expensive to easily play with on your own, what are some other ways you can investigate if it’s a potential fit for your needs? #GuildChat

Q7 Something being trendy can make it harder to get some people on board with it. How can you help a skeptic get on board with a trend that you think is legitimately a good solution for them? #GuildChat

Q8 In your opinion, what are some things trending in L&D today? Do you think they’re real or just hype? #GuildChat

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