XR for Learning -August 19, 2020

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Augmented, virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning collects some of the best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

Dark Slope and American College of Chest Physicians Prepare a Virtual Reality Training Program on Intubation
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations of all types to question how they support training of their staff. This post examines one example of medical professionals are using virtual reality to train people faster even though they are working remotely.

Case Study: CareAR Streamlines Enterprise Service Management
One of the primary use cases of augmented reality is in performance support within the enterprise. This post provides an in-depth case study into one organization’s application of AR to help improve the performance of its employees. 

FORM’s AR Swim Goggles Now Work In Open Waters by Kyle Melnick
Augmented reality is generally seen as a technology that exists on your phone or via bulky headsets. This post looks at one example of AR being applied in a more narrow use case with a more integrated form factor: swim goggles.

Researchers bring Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel into VR by Jeremy Horwitz
There is much research is being done exploring how virtual reality can be used to improve and enhance the world of work. This post by Jeremy Horwitz looks at one project that is examining how VR can expand and enhance one of the most common tools used in today’s office environments: the spreadsheet.

Oculus Social VR App ‘Venues’ to Get Overhaul in Preparation for ‘Facebook Horizon’ by Scott Hayden
Oculus has been building it’s VR experience around social connections, and this post by Scott Hayden looks at a significant upgrade to the Venues app that continues that trend. The post also examines one of the more controversial aspects of Oculus’s strategy – that of requiring a link to an individual’s facebook account for access.

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