XR for Learning Weekly – May 20, 2020

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Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning Weekly collects some of the week’s best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

VR in a Pandemic: Good News and Bad by Mike Boland
How has COVID-19 impacted the continued mainstreaming of virtual reality? This post by Mike Boland looks at the data and examines both the positive and negative impacts that the pandemic has had on the adoption of virtual reality.

Apple reveals what might be next for your screen by David Goldman
AR & VR have been gaining adoption at an increasing rate in recent years. This post by David Goldman looks at a recent acquisition by Apple that adds weight to their long-rumored entry into the AR/VR market, and what that would mean to the mainstreaming of these technologies.

Unlocking The Potential Of Enterprise XR by Anne McKinnon
This post by Anne McKinnon investigates how companies are investing in, implementing, and evaluating the ROI of virtual and augmented reality. It includes a number of examples from early-adopting orgainzations.

UbiSim Immediately Enables Nursing Programs to Train From VR Experiences by Kris Kolo
COVID-19 has disrupted education and training all across the world. This post from Kris Kolo examines how some schools are using VR to create new simulations and demos as a way to keep curriculums moving for nursing students.

Experience Famous Artworks in Augmented Reality With “Museum From Home” by Gergana Mileva
The ability to visit art museums has been taken away in the context of the pandemic. But augmented reality gives us the opportunity bring art from museums directly into our homes. This post from Gergane Mileva explores one such example of that taking place.

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