XR for Learning Weekly – May 13, 2020

Photo by: Daryl Knee

Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning Weekly collects some of the week’s best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

Hologate Wants Its New VR Arcade Hygiene Standards to Inspire Confidence in a Wary Public by Scott Hayden
How to maintain the cleanliness of shared devices is something any organization needs to consider before implementing an AR or VR strategy. This need is only emphasized in the context of COVID-19. This post by Scott Hayden looks at how one location-based VR provider is dealing with this challenge.

Report: Facebook Working On New Oculus Quest With Improved Design & Controls by Bobby Carlton
Oculus Quest, the first mainstream standalone headset to deliver a full VR experience, has been a huge boost to the adoption of virtual reality. It’s therefore exciting to see that facebook is already working on a new Quest headset to improve the design and functionality of the device. It’s another sign that virtual reality is approaching mainstream adoption. 

Arm AR Research Report Finds Positive Consumer Interest, Everyday AR Still 10 Years Away by Peter Graham
Understanding how quickly and widely augmented reality headsets will be adopted by consumer culture is a key driver for how quickly it will become mainstream in enterprise organizations. This post by Peter Graham looks at the results of recent research exploring AR’s future, consumer interest in the tech, and what needs to happen for widescale adoption.

Augmented Reality Development: Guide For Business Owners And Managers by Andrew Makarov
Augmented reality is a phrase that describes a wide array of technologies and, more importantly, types of experiences. This guide by Andrew Makarov provides an in-depth description of different types of AR technologies and the types of use cases that can be applied to them.

In The Wake Of The Covid-19 Lockdown, XR Also Goes Viral by Simon Portman
The current pandemic hasn’t just driven a boom in the usage of video conferencing; it’s also dramatically increased the usage of AR & VR by orgainzations. This post by Simon Portman looks at how organizations are leveraging XR to increase connections during this pandemic, and why those use cases may stay with us as part of the new normal.

Explore the Emerging World of Learning Experience Design

Where traditional approaches to workplace learning tend to focus on building knowledge and/or skills, learning experience design is concerned with additional areas, such as shoring up learner confidence and increasing motivation to learn.

In Less Content, More Learner: An Overview of Learning Experience Design, Jane Bozarth provides an overview of this exciting approach to workplace learning and suggestions for mapping learner experiences and journeys.

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