Community Recommendations: Tips for People New to Learning Solutions and Realities360

If you’ve never been to Learning Solutions or Realities360 you might be excited, but also wondering what exactly you’re in for.

For this post, we asked our 2020 Event Ambassadors and eLearning Guild Advisory Board for their recommendations on what someone new to the events might need to know to get the most out of coming.

Have your own suggestions to add? Be sure to include them in the comments!

Mark Britz – The eLearning Guild

We have two conferences co-located together this year that you have access to, so regardless of which one you registered for take advantage of the OTHER conference too. Sure, maybe you came for Learning Solutions but stretch and add some Realities360 sessions to your schedule. And likewise, if you came for the AR & VR of Realities360, be sure to check out Learning Solutions sessions to deepen your understanding of design and integration into other learning technologies

Christy Tucker – Event Ambassador

Use the conference app to mark what sessions you want to attend and to keep track of the schedule. You can always change your mind later if you see something else that looks interesting, but it’s hard to read descriptions quickly and make a good choice in the few minutes between breakout sessions. The app also tells you the location of sessions so you know right where to go.

Bianca Woods – The eLearning Guild

If you’re looking for hands-on tutorials, keep an eye out for the acronym “BYOD” at the beginning of session names. It stands for Bring Your Own Device and you can be sure sessions with that label are all about helping you learn and use new skills right away. If you’re going to one of these sessions be sure to check the session description in advance to tell you what hardware and software you’ll need to bring to participate. And if a BYOD you want to go to requires software you don’t have already, be sure to download and install it before you arrive at the session.

Betty Dannewitz – 2020 eLearning Guild Advisory Board

Plan your sessions ahead with a backup or two. Then go with your gut when it’s time to decide. Also, go to the Morning Buzz discussion sessions. Bring your coffee and breakfast and wake up with stimulating conversation.

Michael Sheyahshe – 2020 eLearning Guild Advisory Board

Be Connected: To better use the conference app for networking, allow others using the app to send messages to you. Alternatively, use the app to “@” someone and generate conversation/dialogue.

Sharon Boller – 2020 eLearning Guild Advisory Board

Follow the chatter in the app or via hashtag on Twitter (#LSCon and #Realities360). You can pick up lots of good info that way – and connect to new peeps.

Mark Britz – The eLearning Guild
Be sure to take advantage of all the peripheral activities like How I Made This, Presentation Roulette, DemoFest, Game Crawl, and the Expo Reception. They’re great places to learn with others outside of more formal sessions

Christy Tucker – Event Ambassador

Watch the conference app in the evenings for folks inviting people to join them. You might find a group headed to mini-golf, a restaurant, an escape room, or the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop.

Betty Dannewitz – 2020 eLearning Guild Advisory Board

Disney Springs is a short Uber ride away and a great walk. Plenty of people watching and Disney shopping. Great food! Post that you are going and there will be a troop that go with you!

Bianca Woods – The eLearning Guild

This year the conferences are taking place at a hotel on International Drive. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a well-known Orlando location for restaurants, shopping, and other fun activities (there’s even a Ferris wheel). Hop in a taxi, grab an Uber/Lyft, or even take advantage of the public transit bus that runs along it and in minutes you’ll have something amusing to check out.

Mark Britz and Bianca Woods – The eLearning Guild

Look for both of us! We built the program with you in mind, so if you need ideas on what sessions to attend, we can give you some solid options that can best meet your needs and interests. The conference Ambassadors can also help you out with recommendations too.


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