XR for Learning Weekly – January 7, 2020

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Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning Weekly collects some of the week’s best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

XR for Learning is curated by the team that brings you Realities360, the premier AR/VR event for education and training professionals.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

The XR Association Releases New Guidelines for Social VR by Emory Craig
Many face-to-face events have code of conduct policies in place to set expectations on the behavior that is expected and prohibited within the environment. Virtual reality provides an experience rich with presence and context, so how do those types of behavior guidelines translate to the virtual environment? This post by Emory Craig explores new guidelines that have been released to try to set these expectations. 

VR Training: The Scalable, Almost Real-World Way to Learn by Michael Casale
One of the primary use cases being explored by virtual reality technology companies is workplace training. This post by Michael Castle does a good job of explaining why this is the case, including details on some of the unique affordances VR can provide to a training strategy. 

The Biggest XR Stories Of The Year by Charlie Fink
2019 was a big year for XR, with meaningful leaps forward for both augmented and virtual reality. This post by Charlie Fink curates a year’s worth of news into some of the most meaningful stories. Of particular note for L&D professionals is how often the phrase “pivoting to enterprise” is being used.

What’s next for consumer AR in 2020 by Jeremy Horowitz
While augmented reality applications do exist today, AR has yet to fully emerge into the mainstream in a truly transformative way. This post by Jeremy Horowitz looks ahead at what we can expect from consumer-based augmented reality from hardware, use-case, and connectivity.

2020 Spatial Predictions: ‘Training Wheels’ Win AR by Mike Boland
This post by Mike Boland looks at the hurdles that must be overcome in order for people to embrace augmented reality. In addition to the hurdles, I like this post because of the bridges it proposes we build to meet people where they are to enhance the adoption of AR.

New Keynote Added to Learning Solutions 2020

The Realities360 Conference and Expo is the premier event exploring how augmented and virtual reality can transform education and training. The conference brings together early adopters from all over the world for a singular purpose: to share and expand proven practices and harness the potential of AR & VR for learning.

In order to understand the possibilities of these emerging technologies in the context of our work, it’s important to understand how they are emerging within our culture in general. This year we’re excited to welcome Stephanie Llamas, Head of Strategy and XR for SuperData, a Nielsen company. Stephanie is a leading voice exploring the research on AR & VR adoption, and how technology companies are positioning their products and services.

Stephanie’s keynote, How XR Will Shape the Future of Enterprise, will provide critical business intelligence for orgainzations applying augmented and virtual reality technologies, so we’re thrilled to have her sharing this research at Realitues360 this March.

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