David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 11/4/19

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • A curated list of resources to improve your branching scenarios
  • Tips on giving great feedback in elearning
  • Why it’s important to think of those that misuse your designs
  • A look at how illustrating a story can change how you consume it
  • A new look at what causes us to become distracted
  • Tips for making your elearning writing more effective

Resources for Creating Branching Scenarios by Diane Elkins
Branching scenarios are a popular format for elearning programs. Despite being common, many can struggle with how to design and build an effective branching scenario. This post curates a number of great resources that can help you improve your skills with branching scenarios. 

How Best To Give Feedback In eLearning via edapp.com
Feedback is a critical element of elearning. Good feedback adds context and enhances learning and retention. But what is “good feedback”? This post explores five different ways you can provide effective feedback in your elearning programs.

How to Design for A$$holes by Linnéa Strid
As designers, we often look to make the experiences we help create as user-friendly as possible. We try to anticipate how people will engage with the experience, and design according to that. But there are some people who may intentionally misuse what you have designed. Why they would isn’t really the point; there are people who will search for ways to use your experience in ways that were not intended, poten6ially even in ways that could hurt others. It’s a reality of design that isn’t talked about enough, and this post looks at two important ways we can address these types of people in our design work.

How Did the Diner Menu Get So Long? Text by Rachel Wharton, Illustrations by Koren Shadmi
While the story here is interesting, that’s not why I share it here. I share it for the experience of the content. This could easily have been a text-based article covering the same things, but instead, they chose an illustrated approach. How does that change how you consume it? Did it change your engagement? What do the answers to those questions mean to your work?

Nir Eyal says distraction doesn’t start with technology—it starts with us by David Vallance
Distractions of technology are often blamed on the tech itself. But what if there are other factors playing into distraction? This post looks at distraction from a new angle, one that shifts focus on the source of the distraction from the technology to ourselves.

7 Tips for Writing for eLearning via b online learning
The written copy used in elearning is too often simply dictated by the project’s sponsor. The writing in your elearning programs is too critical to leave as an afterthought. This post provides a number of simple tips that you can use when reviewing and editing the text from your next elearning course.

Two Great Conferences Come to Orlando This March

We are excited to be co-locating two popular conferences, Learning Solutions and Realities360, in Orlando this Spring.




Virtual and augmented reality are rapidly becoming part of the broader L&D conversation, just as “mobile learning” has gradually shifted from being a separate niche topic to being part of the primary conversation.

Hosting Realities360 and Learning Solutions under the same roof creates an environment where AR and VR can still being explored in isolation, but the conversation is literally (and metaphorically) closer to the broader conversation. Learning Solutions is also about Sharing What Works, and that also connects to the next step required in the evolution of AR & VR for learning – the shift from theories and ideas to case studies and proven practices.

In short, bringing Learning Solutions and Realities360 together enhances the value of each event. Best of all, when you register for either event, you get access to BOTH conference programs.

Registration for both Realities360 and Learning Solutions is now open. Be sure to register by November 22 to take advantage of the Super Early $250 discount!

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