Introducing the eLearning Guild’s New 2-Day Certificate Programs

The eLearning Guild is always listening to feedback from our community and exploring ways to deliver even more value to members of our community. In recent years we’ve had a number of people comment on the exceptional quality and value of the one-day workshops we host at our conferences. An increasing number of attendees have been asking for extended workshop experiences that go even deeper and provide more opportunities for practice and skill-building. As such, we’ve been looking at different models that deliver upon this request from the community.

What we didn’t want to do was simply add a second day to the existing workshop experience. We wanted to lean into what a request for depth and practice is really asking for: the development of competency.

Once that core value was settled upon, we built a model around it, and that model has emerged as the eLearning Guild’s New 2-Day Certificate Programs, the first of which launched at DevLearn this year.

There are a few critical things that make our new Certificated programs different, including:

  • They involve at least two-days of in-person workshop experiences
  • They involve pre and/or post-workshop resources focused on further supporting competency development
  • They are built upon specially curated workshops that regularly receive steller feedback from attendees
  • They explore topics that our community has regularly asked to explore in greater depth
  • They are developed and provided by highly-rated experts from our community with proven track records
  • They are certified by the eLearning Guild based on their proven quality and connection to the core value of competency development

We introduced these new experiences with The eLearning Guild’s Agile Project Management Certificate Program, led by Megan Torrance, this week at DevLearn. The program sold out early, and reviews from attendees have verified the value of this exciting new model.

We look forward to introducing new topics in this format in the future.

Participate in an eLearning Guild Certificate Program this March

We’ll be hosting The eLearning Guild’s Agile Project Management Certificate Program in Orlando this March, just before the Learning Solutions and Realities360 Conferences and Expo. If you missed out on the program because it sold out in October, consider registering early!

We’re also excited to be introducing a new certificate program in Orlando, The eLearning Guild’s Storyline 360 Certificate Program. This program applies our new model to another common tool that our community is looking to dive into.

Registration for both of these programs is currently open. Get in early to avoid the risk of being shut out!

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