#GuildChat for 7/12/19: What We Can Learn From Effective Uses of Video

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, July 12th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is on effective video and what we can learn from it.

Video is a generic term this week. We’re really looking at discussing all facets of the medium from instructional, to selfies, to commercials to feature films. So yes, let’s discuss what works in video itself as a tool for performance improvement but also look at the elements across all forms use and what we can learn from them to make powerful solutions for organizations.


Scour your memory of favorite films, moving commercials and why that Ice Bucket Challenge went “viral” several years ago? Join us and share your insights, beliefs, and practices around what makes video effective and what can we learn from it.

Prospective questions

Q1 How can we use insights from this to help us know when a simple phone video will do or when we should instead invest in a high budget production?
Q2 When you’re looking for tutorials on YouTube, what do you do to weed through all your choices and figure out which ones are right for you?
Q3 People can watch 3 hour movies in one sitting but still have trouble getting through a 5 minute L&D video. What’s different about L&D’s approach to video than TV and movie studios?
Q4 There were many factors that made the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years “go viral”. What role did video play? And what can we take away from this?
Q5 What gets you to reshare video content with others? Are there aspects of resharable video we could use in L&D?
Q6 Netflix has mastered getting people to binge watch content. What about making bingeable content could we adopt in our own work?
Q7 What makes interactive video effective and what makes it ineffective as a learning approach?
Q8 “Talking head” videos get a bad rap. Is it fair to condemn the approach altogether? Why or why not?
Q9 There’s a push today for shorter form video. What’s behind this movement?


Missed this GuildChat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on our Wakelet transcript of the chat!


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