David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 5/13/19

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • The important differences between A.I. and machine learning
  • Tips on how to deal with different types of subject matter experts
  • An apples-to-apples comparison of different learning theories
  • tips on how to look at criticism as an opportunity for growth
  • lessons on quality content from the world of marketing
  • 5 examples of virtual reality used for enterprise solutions

Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence by Ayesha Cuthbert
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the hottest buzzwords in technology right now. But these terms are not synonyms for one another. Understanding the unique definitions for each of these terms will be critical as artificial intelligence and machine learning become more common in learning and development applications.

The 5 Types of Subject Matter Experts and How to Deal with Them by Tim Slade
Many elearning professionals have a love/hate relationship with subject matter experts. On one side, they are invaluable resources for developing solutions; on another side, well… let’s just say some SMEs can be a challenge. This very useful post examines some of the more common personas of a challenging SME, providing tips on how to deal with each one.

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Different Types of Learning Theories – Understanding the Basics by Thais Gomez
I, like many, came into learning and development by accident. I was an expert who was assigned the responsibility to train others and quickly fell in love with the work. One of the biggest challenges I had early in my career was playing catch-up on foundational education and training knowledge, including learning theory. Posts like this would have been invaluable to me back then as it not only covers a number of the learning theories we discuss often but does so using a structure that compares apples to apples very well.

How to Take Criticism Well by Sabina Nawaz
Criticism is a word with a lot of unfair baggage. It is a word that often carries negativity that has less to do with criticism itself and more on how it is delivered and/or received. The ability to get a critique of our work can be a great opportunity for growth if we are open to it. This post shares a number of tips that can help us look at criticism as an opportunity for growth.

35+ Definitions of What Quality Means in Content by Ann Gynn
At its core, the purpose of marketing is not all that different from that of learning and development; in both cases, the content and experiences that are created have the goal of changing the behavior of a target audience. I find there’s much to learn in this overlapping space if you look at it through the right lens. This post represents an example. On the surface, this post shares tips on creating marketing content. Look at it deeper though, and you’ll discover that many of the tips can easily be applied to your work in L&D as well.

Virtual Reality Real-Time Use Cases
Virtual reality is an exciting and fascinating technology, but many L&D professionals question whether or not there are real applications of the technology for training and education. That’s what makes posts like this that showcase case studies of the technology being used so important. The more examples we see as a community, the more we’ll be able to apply VR appropriately within our own unique contexts.

This is DevLearn

This year marks the 15th anniversary of DevLearn, the industry-leading conference and expo for learning and technology. DevLearn is where the industry gathers to look at what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next in learning and development. It’s the experience that allows us to advance the work we’re doing—together.

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