David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 4/1/19

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • A host of resources that can help improve your writing
  • a framework that can help guide your technology purchases
  • how storytelling can improve compliance training
  • the differences between instructional design and learning experience design
  • The growing challenge of computer-generated voices
  • is there a blind spot in the workplace learning and performance support conversation?

57+ Content Tools, Tips, and Examples to Make Your Writing Better by Mike Murray
Writing is a big part of a learning professional’s life. Not only do we need to write as part of the creation of content and resources, but we need to leverage our writing skills in everyday work. Writing is in many ways the backbone of business communications, so there’s an extra layer of importance in keeping your writing skills sharp. This post explores a host of great resources you can use to improve your writing efforts.

A Smarter Way for Learning Pros to Embrace Emerging Tech by Chad Udell & Gary Woodill
Technology is changing all the time, which can make it challenging for organizations to build technology-supported learning strategy. This post highlights a simple framework that can be used to aid individuals and organizations in making their technology decisions.

Great Storytelling and Compliance Training an Obvious Match by Pam Hogle
Last week’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo was opened by Baratunde exploring why digital storytelling doesn’t need to be boring. To prove his point, he spent almost 20 minutes of his keynote examining a 1-sar review on Amazon, building humor and learning throughout the story. This post shares anther example of how storytelling can be used to add interest in another dry subject: compliance training.

Learning experience design is NOT a new name for instructional design. by Niels Floor
Our industry loves its labels. Unfortunately, we sometimes change a label without changing the underlying behaviors associated with the term. This post explores a new term emerging in our industry – Learning Experience Design – and explores why it is not simply a new name for instructional design.

The Uncanny Valley Nobody’s Talking About: Eerie Robot Voices by Matt Simon
The uncanny valley is a phrase used to describe the subtle things that digital humanoid or physical robots do that make people uneasy, no matter how human they may look. Generally this term is applied as a visual phenomenon, but this post looks at an auditory version of the uncanny valley that is emerging as we increasingly rely on voice-based interfaces.

Is There a Learning Performance Ecosystem Blind Spot? by Gary Wise
The goal of bringing learning into the flow of work is not new. Whatever label we give or technology we apply, the general concept has been explored for decades. And yet, the promise is still largely unrealized by our industry. This post looks at that reality, examining if there is a blind spot people in our industry may be missing.

Are You Ready for the Emergence of AR & VR Training?

Recent surveys collected by the eLearning Guild show a growing number of organizations actively exploring the applications of augmented reality and virtual reality in education and training. Here are just a few interesting takeaways from recent surveys.

Combine these sentiments with AR/VR industry surveys that show investments targeting enterprise training and education as one of the primary targets of AR/VR providers and it appears that AR/VR training is well-positioned for a breakthrough moment.

This year’s Realities360 Conference and Expo supports this unique moment by bringing together the industry providers that are building training and education platforms, tools, and solutions so that leading organizations and professionals can get the guidance and support needed to build their AR/VR strategies and programs.

If your organization is actively exploring, testing, or implementing AR or VR training and education, you need to be at Realities360 this June. Registration is now open, and many of the sessions you can expect are already online.

If you have any questions about this year’s event, feel free to shoot me an email.

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