David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 2/20/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • The challenges faced by today’s senior learning leaders
  • THe skills needed for the modern learning professional
  • Creative use of lower thirds n ELearning videos
  • A new way to at the feedback you provide learners
  • Tips on using storyboards more effectively
  • questions to explore before making your next technology purchase

Marc My Words: 6 Challenges Facing CLOs & Senior Training Directors by Marc Rosenberg
The needs of today’s workplaces, and the nature of work itself, is changing. As such, today’s training organizations need to adapt to accomodate new challenges and opportunities. this post explores six of those challenges.

What is a true L&D professional? by Clark Quinn
Technology has fundamentally changed the ways we interact with information and each other  however, many approaches to education and training have been slow to adapt  this post explores the expanded scope of learning and development, and the skills today’s L&D professionals need to add to their tool belt

Creative Uses for Lower Thirds in eLearning Videos by Andrew Townsend
Video continues to be a major tool for training and development professionals. Like many tools, there’s what the tool does, and what the tool can be used to do. Lower thirds in video have a fairly standard usage, but what else could you use the functionality for? This post explores those answers, and shows how many options exist within tools if you look beyond their obvious functionality.

Moving from Feedback to Feedforward by Jennifer Gonzalez
Feedback is a critical component of training and education. It’s what helps people put their understanding in context, and what helps redirect people when they get off track. Typical feedback addresses the past; we examine past performance in hopes that it improves future performance. That’s not bad, but wouldn’t it be better to give feedback related to current performance? This post examines an approach to do just that.

Making eLearning Storyboarding Work via Designing Digitally
Storyboards can be an excellent tool to streamline and imorove your elearning designs. This post explores some of the critical comoonents of effective elearning stirybkarding.

How can you make smart decisions about new technology? by Frabrizio Conrado
last month I had the pleasure of chatting about learning technologies with a few colleagues I met in London. I love these casual conversations, as they are often lead to great opportunities for learning. What made this conversation different is that someone at the table captured shared some of the key learning points from the chat, and posted them for others to learn from.

What’s NEW at Learning Solutions this year?

This year’s #LSCon is bigger and better than ever, and we’ve added a number of new features based on the feedback from our community. Here are a few exciting things you can expect in the conference this March in Orlando:

  • Learning Platforms: The learning technology landscape is more complex than ever before. Our new dedicated track helps you make sense of the expanding world of learning platforms
  • International Perspectives: We’re featuring more speakers from outside North America to showcase examples from all around the globe.
  • Industry Insights: Do you work in healthcare, finance, or retail? We have curated paths exploring stories from your industry.
  • More and Longer Hands-On Sessions: Our expanded selection of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sessions enable you to follow along with the instructor in a hands-on session. Be sure to stay for our extended double-length sessions on Thursday to take an even deeper dive into tool-based sessions.

These are just a few of the exciting things we have planned for Learning Solutions this year. Be sure to check out all the details on our website, and plan to join us March 27-29 in sunny Orlando!

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