David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 1/22/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • how chatbots can be used in HR
  • tips on writing elearning project requirements
  • a look at how LMS and related systems are evolving
  • why VR matters for L&D
  • What human work may look like in a world of automation
  • A tip that can help overcome imposter syndrome.

Recruiting By Chatbot: 4 Ways HR Tech Can Take Us Higher by Meghan M. Biro
There is growing interest in the use of chatbots in L&D, but what problems will they solve for us? What are the use cases? This post – focused on HR – explores how chatbots can be used and what value they provide  

How to Write Requirements for Your E-Learning Project by Nicole Legault
A common mistake elearning designers and developers make is to not consider what will be required to support a project. We so often live in a defined world of design and development that it’s easy to forget that our world exists in a much larger ecosystem. We often don’t recognize we need additional resources until we hit a wall during the project. This post explores five important areas to consider as you think about the resources you will need for your next project.

The Invisible LMS: why AI will change your relationship with Learning Management Systems by Paul Healy
Learning Management Systems are often the target of scorn and ridicule in our industry – to a fault. LMS systems provide answers to critical needs within an organization, and should be valued for providing those solutions. In the years since LMSs first emerged, times and technologies have evolved. We now have new and more complex options for how we store, deliver, and track learning activities in an organization. Some of these may appear as enhancements in existing LMSs, some may appear as new  systems that compliment or in some cases replace an existing LMS. This post examines the drivers for this evolution, and does so in a way that is objective and avoids the “LMS is Dead!” narrative that is as inaccurate as it is eye-catching.

VR Learning: How it works by Hugh Seaton
There’s a lot of excitement in our industry about the use of virtual reality for learning. I’m a tech-geek, so my excitement around this energy is natural. But if you’re someone that isn’t personally interested in VR as a consumer, you may be wondering why there’s so much energy around this new technology. This post does an excellent job of addressing those questions, examining the unique value proposition VR adds to the L&D landscape.

The Future of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy by Joseph Pistrui
There’s a lot of buzz around how machines will be used in workplaces, often attached to an alarming narrative of hordes of humans being put out of work. This post doesn’t ignore the possibility that certain jobs of today will – and should – be replaced by machines. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in workforce. It could mean that humans can now focus on more important work that creates value machines are not capable of delivering on their own.

How a Famous Robot Test Can Help You Beat Impostor Syndrome by Kelton Reid
Over the past week or so I’ve been engaged in a few different conversations exploring the diversity that exists (or in some cases, doesn’t exist) within the L&D conference space. Some of those conversations pivoted towards how we can encourage new professionals to share what they know, not just as speakers but as writers and community members. One common challenge with this goal is helping people realize they have something of value to share with the community, a mindset commonly referred to as imposter syndrome. This post explores imposter syndrome and shares a great idea that can help anyone overcome their feelings of doubt.

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