#GuildChat for 09/02/16: All About Audio

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, September 2nd at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week we’re chatting in detail about something many of us use in the projects we create: audio.


Audio continues to become easier and easier to include in your projects. From voiceover in eLearning, background music in videos or games, and even audio standalone pieces like podcasts, there are a wide variety of ways to use audio to enhance your content. Getting that audio is easier now too thanks to cheap recording and editing tools as well as access to inexpensive voice over talent and stock sound clips.

While in some ways this easier access to audio has helped L&D, it’s also occasionally caused unintended problems as well. There are times when audio can actually distract from your content and make it harder to interact with. And as much as the tools and techniques have become easier to use, creating your own audio can still be a bit overwhelming for people new to it.

In this #GuildChat we’ll discuss what ways you’ve found audio useful in your own work, what tips we all have for recording and editing audio files, and how to be strategic about how (and why) you use audio in your projects.

Prospective questions:

Q1. What ways have you used audio to make your projects more effective?
Q2. How have you used background music or sound effects to enhance your work?
Q3. How can audio get in the way of your content
Q4. How do you decide when to do audio in-house or externally?
Q5. Have you ever hired voice-over talent? If so, what tips do you have for that?
Q6. What tips would you give to someone recording their own audio for the first time?
Q7. Once you’ve recorded you may need to make tweaks. What are your tips for make editing audio easier?
Q8. What tools and software do you find most useful for recording and/or editing audio?


Missed the chat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on Storify!


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