#GuildChat for 07/22/16: Working and Learning In A State of Flow

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, July 22 at 11AM PT/2PM ET. For our topic this week we look at working and learning in flow.


Summer conjures many images with water being one of them. So, like a cool, steady stream on a hot day we look to explore the idea of “flow” and what it means in work and of course learning.

Not sure what is meant by flow? This Wikipedia article provides good detail. Other terms often used to describe flow are being in the zone or when one is clicking on all cylinders.  Athletes, Authors, and Entrepreneurs often speak of the state of flow but regardless of your work, it is a place most want to be, a place of maximum productivity and one where what once felt difficult now comes with ease and in doing so brings pleasure to our efforts.

Join us for #GuildChat as we explore flow and when, why and how flow is achieved for both work and in learning.


Prospective questions:

Q1. What does “being in flow” mean to you #GuildChat

Q2. Can you create flow or is it something that just happens when conditions are right? Explain? #GuildChat
Q3. How do you know when you are in a flow? What are the signs? #GuildChat
Q4. How do you maintain flow? #GuildChat
Q5. What breaks your flow and can you return? How so? #GuildChat
Q6. When flow state can be a problem?
Q7. Are flows in work, learning, sports? Hobbies similar? If yes, how so? #GuildChat
Q8. Can we help others obtain work/learning flow? How? #GuildChat


Missed the chat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on Storify!


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