#GuildChat for 06/24/16: Non-traditional Professional Development for L&D

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, June 24 at 11AM PT/2PM ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is the Non-Traditional Professional Development for L&D.


There are many paths to professional development. Courses, classes and conferences are often the first to come to mind but professional development for a learning professional is more a mindset than a registration and a completion score. People are learning continuously and being conscious of this learning and the opportunities to learn on the path less traveled is critical for growth.

Learning professionals sit in a unique position of not only developing materials for professional development but also they have a broader understanding of what approaches work or do not work.

In this week’s GuildChat we lean into the community and surface the nontraditional learning opportunities being leveraged by learning professionals today. What’s working? What’s emerging and how can these individual approaches be useful to the people we support.

Prospective questions coming soon! 



The eLearning Guild has always looked to the community to form the conversations around learning and technology. We’ve taken it a step further however and created a rotating group of  voluntary #GuildChat Advisors! Each Advisor is selected for their unique perspectives and involvement in the the conversations around the learning industry. For a 6 month period they will help formulate the topics and questions for our weekly chat. We’ll be announcing our newest team of advisors soon!


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