Curated Industry Content for the Week of 06/20/16

twist-curated-content-1Every Monday we curate a number of articles and blog posts that have relevance to members of the eLearning Guild Community, and to the learning and performance field as a whole. Each piece of content that we share includes a brief introduction from the member of the Guild Community sharing why they think the content is important.

Here’s the content for this week:

Think Less, Think Better by Moshe Bar
This article explores the results of a recent study examining the busyness of our minds and out ability to have innovative thoughts. It’s an interesting journey into how our minds work, but I also share it as a lesson in lifelong growth. Are you exploring new thoughts or exploiting existing ones? While balance is needed in this regard, it’s allowing space for exploratory thought that allows us to learn and grow. -David Kelly

Facebook Introduces 360 Photos – The Next Step in the VR Shift by Andrew Hutchinson
There’s a lot of talk about the coming of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. There are also a lot of signs showing how close these technologies are to becoming mainstream. For a current example, look no further than your facebook feed. facebook has recently launched 360 photos, a basic form of VR-like content. What’s most exciting about this development isn’t about how easy it is to access this type of content; the true excitement comes from the ease in which this type of content can be created. -David Kelly

Marc My Words: From Content Creation to Content Curation: The Importance of Curation by Marc Rosenberg
Curation is a growing need in the digital world, and it’s a growing competency for those in the workplace learning space. This article – the first in a series on curation – explores the need for curation in the modern workplace. It also examines a question many curation discussions ignore – How can you tell if a particular resource should be curated? The article shares a simple ten-step checklist to determine if a piece of content is worth curating. -David Kelly

10 Definitions of Learning by Connie Malamed
Many in the training field see their responsibility to be, at a foundational level, to help people learn. Many of us use the title of Learning Professional to describe our roles. But have you ever stopped to think about what learning, as a concept, truly means? This post shares 10 different ways that have been used to define learning. -David Kelly

Why You Need to Connect with Your Peers in the E-Learning Community by Tom Kuhlmann
Being a part of a vibrant community can be a great source of learning. Community is what first attracted me to the eLearning Guild as a member, and it’s what motivated me to join the team when the opportunity arose. Participating in a strong community can be a major driver of personal and professional growth. This post does an excellent job of articulating the value of participating in a learning community, and also shares tips on how to participate in a way that will help you and others. -David Kelly

What Causes Forgetting? Decay Over Time or Interference with Other Learned Information? by Will Thalheimer
This post explores a recent study about why we forget, a study whose results seem to contradict the results of previous studies in this area. While the studies themselves are interesting and worth the read, I share this link more so for the narrative attached to research in general, and the interpretation of what the studies mean to L&D Professionals. -David Kelly

What are you reading?

If you have an article, blog post, or other resource that you think we should consider sharing in a future Curated Industry Content post, please feel free to send a link to the resource to David Kelly along with a few sentences describing why you think the resource is valuable.

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