Curated Industry Content for the Week of 04/11/16

twist-curated-content-1Every Monday we curate a number of articles and blog posts that have relevance to members of the eLearning Guild Community, and to the learning and performance field as a whole. Each piece of content that we share includes a brief introduction from the member of the Guild Community sharing why they think the content is important.

Here’s the content for this week:

3 VR Projects Tap Into Human Senses by Shawn Krest
Goldman Sachs Group estimate that VR will be an $80 billion market by 2025. There are enormous implications and possibilities posed by VR in many spaces, including training and learning. But in order for us to harness this potential, we need to first understand it, and examples like those shared in this post enable us to do just that. -David Kelly

Creative angst: a guide to getting over creative block, impostor syndrome and fear of the blank page by Kate Hollowood
If you create content, chances are you’ve had that moment where you found yourself stuck, unable to develop a new idea or solve the narrative problem running through your head. It’s commonly referred to as writer’s clock for authors, but it’s a situation instructional designers and developers find themselves in all the time. This post examines this mental barrier, and explores ways to alleviate it. -David Kelly

Phones, not MagicBands, will be the future of Disney’s MyMagic+ by Sandra Pedicini
If you’ve been to DisneyWorld in recent years, you’ve probably seen the abundance of wristbands being worn by guests at the parks. These bands are part of a multi-bilion dollar technology program to personalize and improve the experience a guest has on vacation. I share it both as an example of how wearable technology is being used to personalize experiences, and for the comments made about mobile technologies and their potential to support and personalize experiences. -David Kelly

The Simple Thing That Can Totally Transform Time-Suck Meetings by Stephanie Vozza
Most of us spend a good amount of our work time in meetings. Too often these meetings are longer than needed while also being less effective than desired. This post explores a simple but important way to get more out of the meetings you have at work. -David Kelly

Virtual reality is about to go mainstream, but a lack of content threatens to hold it back by Tony Scherba
Virtual reality is here. Oculous rift is already here. Playstaion will be getting a virtual reality add-on this fall. But these onlt address one part of the VR equation: the hardware. What about the content? This article explores the content challenge of VR and also examines the greatest opportunities available for VR content – including education. -David Kelly

Five Tips to Avoid Hearing “I Hate eLearning” by Marlena Sanchez
Over the course of my career I’ve had a number of people express frustration or worse when describing the elearning experiences they have had. Some of you reading this post may have had similar experiences. This post explores a few tips that can help your next elearning project be better received by t’s audience. -David Kelly

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