#GuildChat for 03/11/16: Designing to Maintain Motivation

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, March 11 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is Designing To Maintain Motivation.GuildChat_Logo

Capturing interest is one thing, we see it all the time in link bait blog posts or marketing articles. A catchy or evocative title may hook a reader but once it’s discovered the content is not valuable, the reader is left with a bad taste.

Creating “hooks” to not only capture initial interest in learning solutions but maintain that interest throughout is a challenge to many learning professions, especially when facing compliance related needs or new, and possibly optional or unpopular initiatives.

Join us as we lean on the community to share their observations and best practices around “hooking learner” interest.

 Prospective questions coming soon!

Q1. How do we encourage learning unpopular new processes or skills? #GuildChat

Q2. Can we anticipate where and when learning motivation may decline? How so? #GuildChat

Q3. What approaches do you find most effective in motivating people to attend to content? #GuildChat

Q4. What role does accountability and clear expectations play in motivation? #GuildChat

Q5. When is it necessary/useful to motivate people to return to experiences/content over time? #GuildChat

Q6. How can we foster simple connections between learning opportunities and potential performance improvement? #GuildChat

Q7. What workplace considerations create challenges when attempting to motivate continued engagement? #GuildChat

Q8. Is it ethical to play on emotions such as empathy, sympathy, guilt, or fears to maintain learning motivation? Why or why not? #GuildChat


The eLearning Guild has always looked to the community to form the conversations around learning and technology. We’ve taken it a step further however and created a rotating group of  voluntary #GuildChat Advisors! Each Advisor is selected for their unique perspectives and involvement in the the conversations around the learning industry. For a 6 month period they will help formulate the topics and questions for our weekly chat. Have an idea for #GuildChat? Reach out to @britz or any of the current advisors!


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