Curated Industry Content for the Week of 02/08/16

twist-curated-content-2Every Monday we curate a number of articles and blog posts that have relevance to members of the eLearning Guild Community, and to the learning and performance field as a whole. Each piece of content that we share includes a brief introduction from the member of the Guild Community sharing why they think the content is important.

Here’s the content for this week:

Think the Super Bowl is high tech? Come back for a regular 49ers game by Shara Tibken
If we want to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to us by mobile technologies, we need to start looking at them differently, exploring how the uniqueness of these devices can engage and support us in new ways. This post shares a few examples of how Levi’s Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50, is using mobile devices and technology to transform the experience of attending a football game. -David Kelly

It’s Stupid That My Actor Dad Is The One Who Has To Teach Us Not To Be Dumb by Harry Dreyfuss
While this post has a political theme, the underlying message applies to many areas, especially learning. Curiosity is critical to personal growth and understanding. In order to make an informed decision – be it where to place a presidential vote or how to solve a problem in your work – you need to be able to examine and understand all sides, including the sides that may go against your personal views. -David Kelly

OK, Google, Where Did I Put My Thinking Cap? by Zhai Yun Tan
The internet is a powerful thing, providing us with a seemingly limitless amount of information right from a device we hold in our pockets. It’s what enables us to to convert the unknown to known as quickly as we can say “I don’t know; let me Google that”. This thought-provoking post explores both the positive and negative effects this level of information access may be having on our ability to think and apply information to context. -David Kelly

Six Obstacles to Building Communities in Organizations by Sahana Chattopadhyay
There’s a lot of people talking about the value of communities to support social learning and performance support in organizations, but there are a large number of challenges associated with harnessing that potential. This post explores six specific barriers that need to be overcome when building communities. -David Kelly

4 reasons you should accept those out-of-the-blue LinkedIn requests by Kat Boogaard
Everyone uses social media differently. However, no matter how you use social media, it’s important that you have some sort of strategy in mind in terms of how you will use different applications if you want to truly harness the potential of each site. This post focuses on LinkedIn, and explores 4 very compelling reasons to be less-selective with who you connect with on that platform. -David Kelly

Obama Looking at Gaming for New Computer Science Education Initiative, White House Says by Eddie Makuch
This post explores an intersection of a number of trending topics in our industry. At it’s core, the article represents a government initiative to get more kids engaged in STEM topics. The post also represents a number of trends in practice, including games for learning, digital literacy, the changing workplace, and more. -David Kelly

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