#GuildChat for 01/22/16: Getting Started with Games

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, January 22 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is Getting Started with Games.GuildChat_Logo

Gaming, gamification and serious games have been a growing topic for sometime now. What is the difference? What works? and Where is it all going? are just some of the questions being raised by organizations and individuals today.

In this week’s GuildChat we go back to start some to better understand, through community conversation the idea behind games for learning and when it works and when it doesn’t. We’ll explore our own history with games, the consistent elements within all games and the tools people are using today to make games an effective component to the organizational learning ecosystems.


Prospective questions:

Q1. What games do you enjoy playing? Why? #GuildChat
Q2. What are the elements of an effective game? #GuildChat
Q3. What is the difference between Games and Gamification? #GuildChat
Q4. What makes for a successful game in a work environment? #GuildChat
Q5. When are games most appropriate? Least appropriate? #GuildChat
Q6. What tools are most effective in creating an elearning game? #GuildChat
Q7. What is the future of games for organizational learning? #GuildChat

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